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How to go from zero to 1000+ subscribers

An insanely actionable FREE email course that shows you how to quickly build your blog audience

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I am Jascha Brinkmann and in the past year, I've built a blog in the competitive health niche from 0 to 12.372 subscribers and over 50.000 monthly readers. Without SEO. Without paid clicks or any other advertising. Only publishing once per week. Focused on a small, but very powerful set of techniques and principles.

In this course, I will show you exactly what to do to achieve the same – in less time and avoiding the same mistakes I've made.

You will get exclusive access to my step by step system, unique software tools and years of experience from working with my consulting clients that have built their blog businesses to collectively over 250.000 subscribers:

This is NOT just another list building strategy

You’ve already read plenty of advice on how to build your audience. You’re probably even tired of hearing again and again the same old vague advice about building your email list. That’s why this is NOT about yet another list building technique, like installing a popup or using Content Upgrades. Because almost NONE of these strategies experts recommend will get you any results if you start from zero. With no audience. No followers. No fans or visitors.

Here’s why:

The brutal truth about building a successful blog

Most advice on list building and traffic generation seems completely oblivious to the fact that these techniques only work if you already have an audience to start with. For example: You’ve heard you should install a popup on your blog, right? And it’s true, you should…when you already have some traffic! But before? It will produce almost no meaningful results whatsoever!

What you need to do instead

You need to follow a step by step blueprint that gives you specific action items to do and which you can easily follow along to reach your first 1000 subscribers. Than you can go out there and start using some of the advice that have been completely useless so far.

What you will learn:

Week 1

The fundamental strategies
of Blog Growth

Week 2

Discover the most
important page of your Blog

Week 3

How to get meaningful
traffic to your Blog

Week 4

How to grow your
Blog consistently

Practical and actionable steps you can actually follow

I've designed this course to give you an EXACT and proven plan to follow. It's a reliable playbook to grow your blog from zero to 1,000 subscribers. Each lesson is compact and succinct, showing you step by step what to do before even publishing your first blog post. And even if you already have a Blog struggling to get traffic, you still need to see this.

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